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Gymnastics Camp

Posted by Ruthy Dunec on 19 April 2019
Gymnastics Camp

There is only ONE Trix Acro Gym camp

What is it that brings kids to Trix Acro Gym year over year, summer after summer and for every March break and Passover camp?  Kids absolutely love attending the gymnastics camp we run.  Our programming is simple...gymnastics, gymnastics and more gymnastics. 

We are a gymnastics camp through and through.  We give the kids the opportunity to spend time on learning and practicing their skills.  They dive into the intricate technical details of the trix they are so excited to learn. 

When parents ask what do you do for the full camp day?  The answer is gymnastics!

Daily routine

Each day begins with an active game led by the staff.  It involves running, jumping, stretching and all sorts of necessary movement and gross motor skills to warm up the body.  Once the game has concluded the kids are led through a thorough stretch by the coach to ensure they are ready for an abundance of gymnastics.   After the stretch has concluded the kids are broken off into groups based on a combination of age and skill.  They visit each of the apparatus for 20- 30 minutes making their way around the gym throughout the course of the day.  The skills the kids achieve range from rolls, cartwheels and handstands through harder skills like back and front handsprings, aerials, tucks and layouts.

The apparatus the kids get to work and play on with direct coach supervision are trampoline, bars, beam, floor, vault, rings, rope and several other exciting apparatus.

Play hard and rest hard

In the morning and afternoon the kids are given snack breaks where they are able to rest and gather up more strength for more gymnastics fun later on.  They get a full hour of lunch, time to rest, socialize and play quiet games with their fellow campers and staff members. 

Special activities

Every camp has special activities that make their facility extra fun and enjoyable.  Some camps go on field trips while others bring in special guests.  Our special activities are all gymnastics and exercise related.  1-2 times a week we bring out the silks for the kids to enjoy.  Circus silks are an intricate piece of apparatus that help develop their core and upper body strength. They are taught by the staff different ways to manipulate themselves within the silks. 

Another special apparatus we incorporate into the Trix camps is the spotting belt (learn more about our Dance Trix acrobatics program for competitive dancers).  The campers are also given a chance to 'fly' with the assistance the coach and spotting belt.  Nothing builds confidence more then giving the kids the opportunity to try skills where they are attempting them without hands on spot.  Instead the kids are strapped into the belt, controlled by the coach, in order to be worked through the skills they are attempting.  It's just another way for the kids to advance their skills forward.  All in all the kids really look forward to these activities as they are unique to the camp season.

Tying it all together

What unites the facility and brings the camp together is celebrating the students' achievements moment by moment.  When a gymnast at Trix Acro Gym achieves their skills they are celebrated in a very unique way....shhhhhhh this is a Trix secret tradition that only participants in our camps and programs are privy to!! You can check out this blog post to see how we integrate acrobatics and gymnastics together.

Want to be a part of the Trix skill achievement secret? You have to attend our programs to find out what it is.  All the kids and staff rally together and make each achievement monumental. Learn more about the history of our gym to see what makes us unique amongst other facilities in Toronto.

Theme weeks

Each camp week has a specific theme attached to it.  One day out of the week is dedicated to the theme day where the kids participate in coordinated gymnastics activities linked to the special day.  The staff all dressed up and the gym is completely decorated according to the festivities.  The crafts for the week are also strongly linked to the theme and are often used as part of the days events.  Some examples of theme weeks we have done in the past are Mad Science, Pixar and Detective theme days.

Building connections and relationships to last a lifetime

Students attending our programs build a real connection not only with the other campers but with the staff and facility as a whole.  The camp staff are warm, friendly and inviting.  We are inclusive of everyone who attends and pride ourselves in being a bully free zone.  Our coaches treat all campers with respect and share their love for the sport by participating with the students and being a part of the camp experience.

Our programs are led by a very mature group of university students.  The camp is also closely supervised by a head coach. The maturity of the staff brings a different vibe to the gym and a strong sense of leadership for the kids.





Ruthy DunecAuthor:Ruthy Dunec
About: Ruthy Dunec has been a prominent figure in the gymnastics and acrobatics coaching world since 1997. While studying Kinesiology at York University she embarked on a serious coaching career at Steeles West Gymnastics. She coached recreational and competitive teams for many years at several other gymnastics facilities namely Vaughan Gymnastics and Seneca College. In addition to coaching gymnastics Ruthy also coached acrobatics and tumbling classes at several dance studios throughout the city while also coaching dancers privately at Steeles West Gymnastics. After graduating with a specialized honors degree in Kinesiology from York University Ruthy began developing her well known Kinderbounce and Dance Trix programs. In 2006, at the young age of 25, Ruthy started her business that is now well established and known as Trix Acro Gym. For more information on Ruthy and the history of Trix Acro Gym please visit the website www.trixacrogym.com
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