Dance Trix Package Policies

1. Pictures and Video: The undersigned agrees that my child(ren) or my picture (video or still pictures) may be taken from time to time, while my child is participating in the Trix Acro Gym program and Trix Acro Gym Ltd. shall be free to use such pictures in any media, including website and/or advertising purposes, without payment to you of any remuneration therefore.

2. Gymnastics Ontario Association Membership Fee: All families are required to pay the annual fee of $55 per child. Each Gymnastics Ontario member is covered from the payment date through June 30th. After July 1st if you wish to continue attending classes, the membership must be renewed with payment. The membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. All memberships include a sport accident policy for your child's benefit. 

3. All packages last for the allotted package time as indicated on the website, starting from the first date used. (10 package = 6 months, 20 package = 12 months, 30 package = 12 months).

4. All packages are FINAL SALE (packages are non-refundable) and cannot be transferred to other programs or private lessons.

5. You may only upgrade to a larger package if it is your FIRST time buying a package. To upgrade, your package must be no more than halfway through the classes. You will receive a new expiry date of 1 year from the day you upgraded. You must pay the difference in full at the time of upgrade.

6. To cancel a class you must send an email notifying us by 9pm the day before a class. NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON, if you do not notify us by 9pm the day before it will count towards your package. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. You must register for classes online prior to attending the class. This includes all package holders and individuals paying the pay as you go rate. A class is considered booked and registered for when you check out of the cart and receive a confirmation email. Please keep the confirmation email for your records.

8. If you come to a class you are not registered for, Trix Acro Gym reserves the right to not allow your child to participate in the class if we are at capacity for that day. Only if space is available then they may participate.

9. Packages may only be split among siblings (cousins or friends are not eligible to split a package). Packages cannot be transferred to other students. NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. Waitlists will be added to the calendar when Dance Trix classes are full. If a spot opens up, students on the waitlists will be notified via email by 9pm the day before the class. If you don't hear from us it means you did not get a spot.