Beginner Trix

Program Description:

In the beginner trix program, the foundation skills are taught and broken down. These skills provide a strong base for learning more difficult skills.

Apparatus used:

Floor/spring floor, tumble track, air floor, trampoline, bench and other mats. Bars, beam, rings and rope are utilized to enhance their strength, balance and coordination.


A desire to learn acrobatic and gymnastics trix!

Classes length:

1.5 hours

Number of classes per week required:

1x/week minimum

To accelerate results:

Beginner Trix | Trix Acro Gym

Skills Achieved

Beginner - Level 1 skills

  • 5 basic rolls
  • Cartwheel
  • Basic handstand technique
  • Bridge
  • Tripod
  • Flexibility/basic conditioning technique

Beginner - Level 2 skills

  • 5 basic rolls with variation
  • Cartwheel variation
  • Handstand holds
  • Handstand to bridge
  • Bridge/Recovery
  • Bridge variations
  • Bridge walking (1/3 of floor)
  • Flexibility/Basic conditioning technique

Beginner Trix Schedule

All fees are subject to HST. There is also an additional $45/child registration fee for the Gymnastics Ontario yearly membership.