Advanced Trix


The Advanced Trix program involves flight skills. The skills learned are complex and require time and focus to train them appropriately.

Apparatus used

Floor/spring floor, tumble track, air floor, trampoline, bench and other mats. Bars, beam, rings and rope are utilized to enhance their strength, balance and coordination.


Graduating the intermediate program or an assessment must be completed to enter the Advanced Trix level

Class length

1.5 or 2 hours

Number of classes per week required


To accelerate results

Advanced Rec program(2x per week/2 hours each class)
Advanced Trix | Trix Acro Gym

Level 1 skills:

  • Side Aerial
  • Back handspring
  • Roundoff
  • Front handspring
  • Roundoff back handspring
  • Aerial combination skills
  • Conditioning/Flexibility

Level 2 skills:

  • Front Aerial
  • Back/Front tuck
  • Round off multiple back handsprings
  • Roundoff back tuck
  • Different tumbling combinations
  • Layouts
  • More complex tumbling and twisting skills

Advanced Trix Schedule

All fees are subject to HST. There is also an additional $55/child registration fee for the Gymnastics Ontario yearly membership.
Advanced Trix - Trix Acro Gym
Advanced Trix - Trix Acro Gym
Advanced Trix - Trix Acro Gym