Our History

It was 1988; the winter Olympics was held in Calgary, Michael Douglas had won the academy award for best actor, U2 won the "Album of the Year" Grammy. Larry Bialogrecki a 39 year old York U Kinesiology graduate, with a passion for gymnastics opened the doors of Steeles West Gymnastics in North Toronto. It quickly became the "go to" epicentre for recreational gymnastics.

In 2005, Ruthy Dunec (Frank) a former student & coach of Larry's at Steeles West Gymnastics started the Fit For Life Group. She had a laser focus on the underserved parent & tot and under 6 year old demographic. She aimed to incorporate fun and fresh concepts into a dynamic recreational program with an emphasis on core competency foundations.

In 2006, Larry invited Ruthy to run her program out of his facility. Newly branded KinderBounce gymnastics, the program grew exponentially. As time progressed, Ruthy decided to tackle a highly challenging specialty; competitive acrobatic dancers.

Acrobatic tricks are a unique technical challenge in competitive sports. The methodology for scoring acrobatic tricks and thereby how to perform them are very different between dance, and gymnastics. The core foundations to safely learn, achieve, and maintain competitive acrobatic dance tricks can be accomplished utilizing our techniques in combination with the right gymnastics equipment.

Steeles West Gym - trix Acro Gym

In 2008, the fusion of acro tricks taught for competitive dance by utilizing gymnastics methodology was born; Ruthy named it Dance Trix. Dance Trix was the low-ratio, skill based answer for motivated dancers to master their acrobatic and tumbling skills safely. The continued transformation of these programs and their growth led to the next iteration of the organization.

In 2010, after 22 years in operation; Steeles West Gymnastics was acquired by the Fit for Life Group. The merging of the two organizations brought the newly formed company full circle. The result was a club with an eminent focus on recreational gymnastics purely for the love of the sport, and skill achievement. With Larry in the role of Senior Head Coach, Ruthy sought to expand and grow Dance Trix even further.

As Dance Trix has become a larger and more prominent part of the organization, the transformation of the original 2 small gymnastics businesses is now complete.

We welcome you to Trix Acro Gym

Ruthy Dunec - Trix Acro Gym

Ruthy Dunec

President & Program Coordinator

Larry Bialogrecki - Trix Acro Gym

Larry Bialogrecki