Payment, Discounts, Credit, Refund and Makeup Policies


All families are required to pay the annual fee of $35 per child. Each Gymnastics Ontario member is covered from the payment date through June 30th. After July 1st if you wish to continue attending classes, the membership must be renewed with payment. The membership fee is non-refundable, all memberships include a sport accident policy for your child's benefit.


Information, instructions and content provided by representatives of Gymnastics Ontario (such as coaches, instructors and staff) as part of online programming (such as webinars, remote conferences, workshops, online training and links) is provided on the condition that it will not be the basis of any claim, demand, or cause for action.

Participants acting on the information, instructions, or content of online programming (such as by performing actions, stretches, routines, or maneuvers) do so voluntarily and at their own risk. Participants are responsible for ensuring their physical environment and location is free from hazards, equipment, or other item or factor that may cause harm to the participant. Participants will not be disadvantaged or disciplined for exercising caution and/or for declining to act on the information, instructions, or content of online programming if they reasonably believe such action may cause them risk or harm.


Payment in full upon registration OR up to 3 instalment payments per session (2% extra fee for installments). For instalment payments the method of payment must be provided at time of registration (credit card or post dated cheques). All cash payments must be made in full.


When signing up a sibling you will receive a 5% discount toward the lower fee (10% for the third sibling and 15% for four or more siblings). When signing up a child for a 2nd class per week you will receive a 15% discount toward the 2nd class for that child.

2nd, 3rd and 4th child registration discounts as well as 2nd class per week discounts may not be coupled to any promotional, seasonal or early bird discounts offered during the year.   Promotional discounts (ie. birthday coupon discount or any other promotional discounts) apply to new customers only and are only valid for one time usage.


A prorated credit is offered with no administration fee and with a 2-year expiry from the issue date and may be used towards other services offered by Trix Acro Gym Ltd. Once a credit is claimed, it can not be refunded.


Prorated refunds are offered minus a $45.00 administration fee per refund transaction.  For early bird, seasonal or promotional discounts, prorated refunds will be issued after the attended classes are charged at the non-discounted rate.  The $45.00 administration fee also applies for any discounted services.  There are no refunds for missed classes.  Please refer to the makeup policy for missed classes and refer to the camp and Dance Trix package policies for specific refunds relating to camp and Dance Trix packages.


Maximum 2 makeup classes per session may be made up unless accompanied by a note from a licensed physician.  In order to be eligible for a makeup class you must notify the office of a pending absence even for last minute absences.  Classes may be made up during the session based on availability and the class being applicable to the student's age group/skill level.  Makeup classes must be booked in advance.   

All make-up classes must be made up in their respective sessions unless you are registered for the full year.  All full year or session 2 students MUST complete their makeup by the end of session 2.  (NO EXCEPTIONS).