Q: What should my child wear when participating in KinderBounce Gymnastics?
Q: What sort of things will my child be doing in the classes?
Q: What will my toddler learn at such a young age in gymnastics (1.5 – 3 years)?
Q: Does your program have only girls in it or do boys participate in gymnastics as well?
Q: Is gymnastics only for kids who are very active and who demonstrate the strength and coordination for the sport?
Q: Is gymnastics safe for my child to participate in?
Q: Is KinderBounce or The Fit for Life Group involved in any charity organizations or fundraising?
Q: What do the children get to do in the birthday parties?
Q: What is the timing for the birthday parties?
Q: Who does the clean up?
Q: Aside from the coaching, facility and clean up what does KinderBounce supply?
Q: What are the hosts responsible for?
Q: How do I book my party?
Q: Can my daughter/son do semi-private lessons with a friend?
Q: Does my child have to be a competitive dancer to take private lessons?